Sven Space is a space created to help you build on what’s already beautiful to you. Every day is an opportunity to refine & nurture yourself and your home. This place we call home influences how we start and end our day, how we move fluidly throughout it, and where we are inspired to be our best selves – your true self. 🙂

Home is where you dare to be different…



Be you

Live fearlessly

Surround yourself with what is beautiful to YOU

+ what is e-design +

E-design is a fun, convenient & affordable way to
experience the full professional design service from
your living room sofa!  We do all of the legwork for
you so all you have to do is sit back, say yay or nay,
relax & enjoy some bubbly while we work to bring
your vision to life…I mean how awesome is that?!
render4 NO LOGO

3D Render

Concept NO LOGO

+ why it works +

Our e-design process saves you a lot of time so that you
 don’t miss a beat from your daily schedule 
or essential time with family & friends!  It also helps to
prevent costly mistakes because interior design is an 
investment that will allow you to have a game plan in front of you 
before finalizing.  Safety is a big one! 
With our nation’s current climate, no designer has to enter
your home in order to work with you to create 
your beautiful designs that make you feel inspired. 

Concept/Final Design

+ the design process +


Complete Questionnaire

We get to know each other and better understand your design needs with no commitment.


Design Concept Development

Fun time!  Our design team gathers all of the information from our consultation & begins to develop a design that is aligned with your vision for the space.


Leave Feedback & Discuss

This is a great opportunity to share your thoughts/ideas on the overall design concept along with each product individually.  Revisions will be made at this time. 


Shop The Look

We made it! It’s here! Time to shop and bring your new design to life with easy-to-shop links for each product used.  

Not sure if our design service is right for you?  Or what package best suites your needs

tell us a bit about your project and we’ll follow up with recommendations.

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