+ about me +

I’m Kasee Smith, a Chicago based interior designer that is far from a minimalist! I studied at the Illinois Art Institute finishing with a bachelors in Interior Design. My background is just as eclectic as my style! I am a military veteran that became a make-up artist and nurtured this talent that eventually shifted into something bigger. Interior Design has always lived in me as a little girl but could never put my finger on it until later.

I’ve always lived a pretty nomadic life so all of my travels, education & cultural influences have really helped me evolve into the creative that I am today. This became a part of my development in both my personal life and professional, but fearless approach to design! Live Bold, Love Boldly

My design style is bold & eclectic with a global influence that tells a story. You can find me dabbling in the bohemian life, loving on anything plant-life or mixing the old with the new. I believe in layering textures & blending patterns like nobody’s business to ultimately create an experience, not just a design!

My design philosophy is Live big at home! We all deserve to be surrounded by what we admire and love no matter how small or large we’re living…so wasting time shouldn’t be an option, make it yours! A home can be temporary or permanent but whatever the case, you have the right to wake-up to something beautiful that is defined by you and not someone else’s definition. You are a human defying the odds everyday you step outside of your space whether it’s battling the changes in our social climate or just finding yourself in a world of look-alikes or mediocrity. YOU have to live somewhere, so why not exist purely in your space with no judgments.

So start somewhere and start today! Wake up everyday smiling because your home is just as phenomenal as you are:)

PS. I LOVE painting any and everything black that I can and I don’t believe in rules! Be bold right?!