+ faq’s +

What is your design style?

My design style is global & eclectic with the clean lines of midcentury modern/scandinavian & bohemian vibes. I am a HUGE fan of mixing the old with the new! While I love to create designs that make a bold statement, I am very versatile and not afraid of a neutral pallet! But if you are looking to push your design to the next level, I’m your girl!

What budgets do you work with?

All budgets! We will discuss realistic expectations, product quality & priority purchases during the consultation.

When can I expect my design to be completed?

All packages will be delivered in 2 weeks

Are there any hidden or additional fees?

There will be no hidden fees outside of your design package. If you need additional call time or extra boards, there will be an  additional charge but this must be agreed upon FIRST. You will not be blindsided.


Who do I contact for vendor related questions?

Since you are purchasing on your own, contact the vendor directly with any concerns regarding their policies to include shipping, returns and ordering.

After my e-design package is complete, am I able to request changes?

Maximum of 2 board revisions can be made within 14 days of the final deliverable. As I do understand that stock/pricing may change or you may have more design questions, I will be available to chat.